Glenview softball players meeting with President Obama ‘too unreal to be real’

Annie Stavins and her mom, Kate with President Barack Obama in the background.
Annie Stavins and her mom, Kate with President Barack Obama in the background. | Submitted

When the Glenview Titans were in the Kansas City area for the USSSA World Series, the team dined at Arthur Bryant’s, a barbecue restaurant one of the team’s parents had been to years prior.

Little did the players, coaches and parents know that they would meet President Barack Obama.

The Titans — a Glenview softball team of 15- to 17-year old varsity players at Glenbrook South, Maine West and Northside Prep — met Obama by coincidence. They arrived at Arthur Bryant’s on July 29 shortly before Obama, who was there to meet with four area residents who had written him letters praising initiatives of his administration.

After a short wait and security precautions by the Secret Service, Obama walked in. Before getting to business, the president socialized with the restaurant’s customers for around 10 minutes.

“It was really surreal because we’re used to seeing him on the television screen,” outfielder and Glenbrook South sophomore Maddie Yoo said. “The fact that he was there felt so weird because the chances of meeting Obama are so, so, so miniscule, that it’s incredible that we had the chance to.”

A few parents told Obama why the Titans were in town, so he saw the team’s uniforms and greeted everyone personally.

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